Evening Street Eats in Yogyakarta

Half Day


Half Day

Evening Street Eats in Yogyakarta


Experience the taste of Indonesia with this delectable evening street-food tour. Try some of the country’s finest delicacies, from Sate Ayam (chicken and quails eggs coated in a flavourful peanut sauce) to Kopi Joss (thick, bitter coffee made using burning hot coals) and much more besides. This three-and-a-half-hour experience will pay homage to the finest local culinary delights whilst showcasing the rich heritage and fascinating folklore of this vibrant part of the world. Watch the world go by as you devour crispy cireng in the heart of the city’s train station; do as the locals do and enjoy sweet Klepon by the roadside; or try the legend for yourself and walk blindfolded across the heaving South Square. Delight in a fun, action-packed evening that truly showcases the exceptional cuisine and vibrant atmosphere of Yogyakarta.


  • Experience the true taste of Indonesia with this evening tour packed full of local delicacies

  • Try delicious, deep-fried cireng next to Yogykarta train station, sample Gudeg jackfruit stew in the middle of the town square and devour sweet Klepon amidst the busy city
  • Partake in entertaining activities including a blindfold challenge


  • English speaking guide

  • All transfer as per program by private vehicle and local motorised rickshaw

  • All food tasting and beverage as mentioned in the program

  • All activities as mentioned in the program

  • Water & tissues

  • Service charges and government VAT tax



Evening Street Eats in Yogyakarta

DAY 1 - Evening Street Eats in Yogyakarta

Experience the culinary delights of Yogyakarta (or ‘Jogja’ for short) in this three-and-a-half-hour evening street food tour. After collection from the hotel, travel to the bustling, humming district that is Maliboro, Yogyakarta’s main street. Here, take in the vividly colourful store fronts, the vibrant thrum of Javanese life and, last but by no means least, the intoxicating scent of the multitude of open-air, street-side restaurants or lesehans.

Stroll through bustling market stalls and past street musicians, painters and exhibiting artists en route to the first part of the evening – tasting the mouth-watering local delicacy Sate Ayam – chicken meat and quails egg skewers in a peanut, soy and pepper sauce. Do as the locals do and enjoy your snack by the roadside before heading on to an authentic Indonesian coffee shop to try Kopi Joss – a type of bitter, super-strength black coffee that is created by dropping a burning lump of coal into the viscous liquid – be sure to grab a picture or two as the process involved is quite the spectacle. 

After a hearty caffeine fix, head to the picturesque Loko Café situated in the maelstrom of Yogyakarta train station to enjoy the piping-hot, deep-fried, tapioca-based delicacy of cireng. This tasty snack is traditionally filled with salt, pepper, soy powder and spring onion and is not to be missed. 

Next, take an motorised rickshaw ride to the renowned herbal drinks store Jamu Ginggang. This rustic, family-run institution has maintained both its décor and its traditional remedies since its inception in the 1960s and is thought to have a cure for whatever ails you – drinks containing turmeric, kencur rice, chili and puyang are de rigueur. Afterwards, head to the buzzing Alun Alun (via a quick pit stop to pick up some klepon – green-coloured rice balls filled with palm sugar and coconut) to enjoy some traditional Javanese cuisine in the form of mouth-wateringly good Gudeg or sweet jackfruit stew.

Once sated, head over to South Square to get the party started. Begin with the unique experience of riding a fluorescent push bike around the square to get your bearings before listening to local legends and trying your hand at an age-old Indonesian challenge. It is thought that the two ancient Banyan trees in the centre of the South Square will provide protection for whoever can walk between them blindfolded – according to legend, anyone who can do so will always remain on the right path in life. Remove the blind fold and those with a head for heights and nerves of steel can try their hand at stilt walking. 

As the night winds down, move over to the North Square to enjoy a refreshing drink and some more Klepon. The choice is then whether to dance the night away to the live, ever-present music in the North Square or travel back to the hotel for a well-deserved rest.

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