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Ever since the largest cave in the world was discovered in Vietnam in 2009, the country has become a hot spot for adventure travellers. Vietnam caving isn’t just for the pro’s though! Check out our beginner’s guide to Vietnam’s caves.

Every year there seems to be yet another amazing reason to visit Vietnam. In the past, the country was known purely for its harrowing history of the Vietnam War. However, over time, Vietnam has built a reputation for incredible scenery, charmingly chaotic cities and fantastic food. Now, caving is becoming a ‘must’ for adventure travellers, as well as the less experienced explorers.

Oxalis Adventure Tours is one of the leading companies running caving tours in Vietnam, and a company that we use frequently at Buffalo Tours. Oxalis not only employs knowledgeable cave specialists and safety experts, they also provides stable job opportunities for the local community. So, what better way to combine your next adventure with responsible tourism practises?

Hang Son Doong

Hang Son Doong Cave - Vietnam

This is definitely a cave for those who want to see the wonders of the world. Officially discovered in 2009, Hang Son Doong is the largest cave in the world. The huge interior weighs in at 200 metres high, 150 metres wide and over 5 miles long, meaning a 40-story skyscraper or a 747 plane could fit inside. It also has its own climate, including a river and a jungle, which can be explored over a matter of days. As of yet, Oxalis is the only tour company that the local government has allowed to run tours.

Best for:                                              Bucket-Listers
Adventure Level:                              6 – Difficult; for the very physically active, 50km+
Previous Caving Experience:         No

Hang Tu Lan

Tu Lan Cave - Vietnam
Credit: Oxalis

A Tu Lan caving expedition is only for the most adventurous of visitors. Although it may not be as large as Hang Son Doong, it certainly gets first place for the most activities available. After a challenging jungle trek, cavers will be able to try dark cave abseiling, waterfall abseiling, bouldering, climbing and plenty of swimming through the caves. This certainly is not a caving experience for those who just like to take in the view, this will get the blood pumping and the heart racing.

Best for:                                              Adrenaline Junkies
Adventure Level:                              5 – Hard; for physically active guests, 37km+
Previous Caving Experience:         Yes

Hang Va

Hang Va Cave - Vietnam

Nearby the world’s largest cave, Hang Va shares the same water flow and some similar characteristics as Hang Son Doong. Although this caving experience requires some physically challenging elements, including using harnesses, safety lines and ropes, this is not the main appeal of the expedition. Cavers are most likely to visit Hang Va to catch a glimpse of its incredible natural beauty. The cave has an array of incredible stalactites and stalagmites, as well as dazzling clear water.

Best for:                                              Photography Enthusiasts
Adventure Level:                              4 – Moderate-to-Hard; for physically active guests, 10km+
Previous Caving Experience:         No

Hang En

hang en cave - vietnam
Credit: Oxalis

Hang En is thought to be the third largest cave in the world. Even more impressive than its size, though, is its natural beauty and fascinating history. Some areas of the cave are thought be over 300 million years old and there are plenty of unusual fossils to discover too. This cave brags jaw-dropping scenes at every corner, some of which were recently featured in the film ‘Pan’.

Best for:                                              History Buffs
Adventure Level:                              3 – Moderate; for physically active guests, 20km+
Previous Caving Experience:         No

Nuoc Nut

Nuoc Nut Cave - Vietnam
Credit: Tuoi Tre News

Like Hang Va, Nuoc Nut also shares the same cave system and water source as Hang Son Doong. This is one of the easiest trips for a first time caver as it is both relatively easy to reach and not too difficult to explire. If you are a swimming enthusiast, this is a perfect place to visit as there are plenty of areas to take a dip!

Best for:                                              Amater Adventurers
Adventure Level:                              1 – Easy; walks of 30-60 minutes on relatively flat trails
Previous Caving Experience:         No

If you’re thinking of trying caving in Vietnam, take a look at our Vietnam Cave tour or speak to one of our travel experts.