21 March 2017

Discovering Wellness Travel in Asia

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Travel and holidays have always been a time to relax and rejuvenate. A time to leave aside your busy work  schedule and home life, along with all the deadlines and stress that come with them, and take time for yourself, your family and your friends. Whether you escape by immersing yourself in culturally unique locales or soaking in the beauty of white sand beaches and the open ocean, the world beyond our homes is where we all find a place to recharge and unwind.

In recent years, the travel industry has taken this idea and run away with it in an attempt to create holistic wellness retreats that renew not only our mental states but our bodies too.  From yoga retreats in Thailand to spiritual workshops in the heart of Bali and learning traditional medicine in China, there is likely a retreat for any need or ailment and for every kind of person. And for those only wanting to dip their toes in the wellness pool, there are spa, fitness and health food services popping up in most hotels and resorts too.

Brands that do this exceptionally well in Asia include the Fusion resorts in VietnamSix Senses in China, Thailand and Vietnam and Como Shambhala in Bali, Singapore and Thailand.

There are also a wealth of experiences to be had across the Asian continent that fit the wellness trend while also providing travellers an insight into local culture and natural beauty. As advocates of customised travel we love the idea of a DIY wellness getaway.

Traditional Spa Services in Asia

wellness travel in Asia- Japanese OnsenSpa services are a classic element to wellness programs and onsite spas are becoming a prerequisite in hotels across Asia, but not all spa services are created equal.

Why not immerse yourself in tradition and culture at the same time as indulging in a treatment? From traditional Thai massage to the thousand year history of Japanese Onsen, there are spa services all over Asia that are rooted not only in wellness but in culture.

To make your experiences even more memorable and unique, head out of your hotel to find smaller, local establishments and spread your tourist dollar around.

Healthy Eating in Asia

wellness travel in Asia-indonesian herbal remedies

With abundant rice-based dishes and plenty of delicious fried delicacies, healthy eating options aren’t exactly what Asia is known for.

Yet, there are places in Asia where nutrition is taken very seriously. Take Japan, where a delicate balance of ingredients and tastes is the backbone of the cuisine. Or consider Bali, where the wellness trend has really taken root and smoothie bowl cafes and vegan restaurants are almost as common as traditional Warungs.

Health food restaurants are popping up in Asia as much as they are in other parts of the world but they don’t come with the same high prices. Do a little research before your trip and you’ll be sure to find places catering to a balanced diet while still in keeping with traditional flavours.

Unique Fitness Opportunities in Asia

wellness travel in Asia- rock climbing Halong Bay

Wellness isn’t simply about relaxation, herbal teas and deep-tissue massages, but active living too. You can easily skip the hotel gym to burn calories exploring but we encourage you to take it a step further and take advantage of nature.

Try out surfing in Indonesia, practice sunrise Yoga beside temples in Cambodia or hike to remote villages and be rewarded with a footbath in Vietnam. Snorkelling, kayaking, rock-climbing and cycling are activities available in beautiful locations all over the continent.

Workshops, Meditation and More

wellness travel in Asia- spiritual blessing Cambodia

Working on your mind is just as important for overall wellness as focusing on your body. Learning traditional practices while you travel means you have something long-lasting to take back home with you.

Mindfulness is another important aspect of wellness and has long been linked to practices like Yoga, Tai Chi and tea ceremonies. These traditional practices have been studied and followed in Asia for centuries, so where better to learn them than in their original environment.

A holiday is also the perfect time to try more difficult practices like meditation. You may find yourself able to let your mind rest far easier while sitting in a temple or exotic beach than at home.

laos-cycle-journey-buffalo-toursFocusing on health and well being on your travels does not need to distract you from the sightseeing and local experiences that you first decided to travel for. With a few unique additions to a classic itinerary, you can provide your body and mind with culture, natural beauty and renewal all at once.

Many of these experiences are based on our own tours, led by our knowledgeable guides and local experts. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can add an element of wellness to your next customised journey to Asia.


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