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Buffalo Tours operate a variety of educational experiences across 10 different countries. From the remote ethnic communities of Thailand to the wildlife rehabilitation centres of Malaysia, there is so much more to these fascinating countries than you see in the guidebooks


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Vietnam is at once chaotic, charismatic and captivating. Discover landscapes like no other while cruising through jungle-clad islands and limestone pillars in UNESCO Halong Bay or hiking through iconic rice terraces in the northern mountains.  

Home to over 50 distinct ethnic groups, often situated in the most remote and resource-stricken corners of the country, Vietnam is the perfect place for an educational tripWhether you take a medical trip to Mai Chau or build a classroom for children in Vinh Long, we ensure that your efforts towards building a safer, stronger and more sustainable community will outlast your own stay. 


Home to the world’s largest temple complex in Angkor War, a bloody and fascinating war-torn past at the hands of the Khmer Rouge and locals regarded as some of the friendliest in the world, Cambodia is an ideal location for an educational trip. 

Our main focuses lie within two communes – Kiensangker and Chansar in Siem Reap, whose residents lack access to proper healthcare and education. Witness the resilience of the people, learn about the history of the country, both ancient and modern, while contributing to much needed community projects. 


Discover the spiritual heart of Laos in temples old and new, connect with its modern population on the streets of its colonial cities and travel between destinations through miles of untouched natural beauty. Travelling in Laos is all about a slower, more peaceful way of life which is perfect for educational travel. 

Gain real-life understanding of economic scarcity, ethical development and international perspectives in context through exploring Laos and meeting the communities who call it home. Our main community project is located next to the Seung River in the Northern region of Laos where there is a wide range of opportunities to assist local schools, volunteer at a community health clinic and learn about local traditional art in the scenic wilderness of Laos. 


Idyllic beaches, delicious cuisine and smiling locals make Thailand the perfect place to explore. Meander through hip, upcoming Bangkok neighbourhoods, sail into the Andaman Sea or trek into the Northern mountains in search of villages untouched by time. Thailand is rich in historyculture and nature making it an ideal spot for an educational trip. 

Thailand’s tourism is booming but there are many remote ethnic communities who do not benefit. Bsupporting our community project in Om Goi, a rural ethnic Karen village, visitors can experience the beauty of Northern Thailand’s jungles, while providing better healthcare services to one of Thailand’s most impoverished districts.


The relatively unexplored Myanmar boasts spectacular sights, warm and friendly locals and fascinating, untainted culture – all from a seemingly bygone era. 

Having been open to tourism for under a decade, Myanmar is still in the discovery stages and perfect for an educational trip. Cultural exchange here is just beginning. Myanmar lends itself to a diverse range of service learning themes and community exchange.


It doesn’t get much wilder than the jungles of Malaysian Borneo or the coral gardens of its epic coastline and it’s hard to find a more fascinating cultural make-up than in its bustling cities. Here ancient Hindu temples, mosques and chinese pagodas are peaceful neighbours and the cuisines are deliciously distinct. 

Malaysia’s lush flora and jungles provide a diverse range of opportunities for educational trips, focusing on environmental, biological and cultural studies. Whether you’re looking to visit a wildlife rehabilitation centre, rebuild a coral reef nursery or commit to supporting community-based tourist accommodations, Malaysia has it all. 


With over 17,000 islands, more active volcanoes than anywhere else on earth, and hundreds of kilometres of steamy jungles, Indonesia was made for explorers. The landscape will hook you in, but its the cultural and spiritual traditions that will hold your fascination long after a trip. 

Indonesia is the perfect location for students to have experiential learning opportunities focused in ecology and science. Team up with a conservation team to learn about the fragility and power of the ocean and what we can do to help protect it. Other highlights include active volcanoes, the majestic temples of Borobudur and the orangutan rehabilitation centre in Sumatra.


A diverse and multi-cultural city with strong cultural influences from Malaysia, India and China, Singapore packs a lot into such a small space. This city also has a modern and innovative city skyline with one of the best urban designs in the world. 

Perfect for an educational vacation, visitors can discover how one of the world’s most successful cities has grown with environmental sustainability at the forefront of every decision. For a cultural focus, delve into the Arab Quarter, Chinatown and Little India or visit one of the many social enterprise that thrive in this entrepreneurial city. 

Hong Kong

With more skyscrapers than any other city in the world, Hong Kong is the postcard for modernity. Yet wander around at street level or high up in its hills, through temples, markets and forests, and you’ll discover an ancient past that holds its own claim to the city.  

BET have partnered with the Crossroads Foundation to offer students an insight into the impact businesses can have with their social responsibility efforts, while addressing important global issues – the perfect place for an educational trip. 


An ancient past converges with racing modernity in the cities, and outside them exist some of the world’s most spectacular and varied landscapes. China is intense and frenetic but truly rewards those willing to seek out its charms. 

There is no better way to understand your place in the world than by experiencing the vastness of China. Trek along miles of The Great Wall to discover history and natural beauty in equal measure. Learn about the Terracotta Warriors, the karst mountains of Guilin and the pandas in Chengdu.