13 November 2018

Women Travelling Together; Recipe for the Perfect Girl’s Trip

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When was the last time you went away with your girlfriends? From exploring the ins and outs of a new city with your BFF to relaxing with a couple of sundowners on the beach with your girl squad, taking time off to go on a trip is a great way to bond with your girlfriends.

These little getaways allow us to escape our busy routines, catch up and create new memories whilst discovering new places together. Travelling with your besties not only feels safe, but the experiences you share along the way will connect you for a lifetime. In a way, going on a trip with your girls is like devouring a piece of cake. It’s a special occasion, indulgent, delightful and, maybe, a tiny bit naughty too. However, while we all enjoy a sweet treat, baking can be a challenging process. Finding the time, deciding where to go and mixing it together to cater to everybody’s taste is not always a piece of cake.

Already craving your next girls-only adventure? Follow this simple recipe and find out why Asia might just be the ideal destination.

Having a girly chat whilst sipping fresh coconuts | Women Travelling Together

Who are the women travelling together?

Before stepping into the kitchen, think about with whom you want to share your wondrous culinary creation? A few fluffy scones with your best friend or a decadent tiramisu with a glass of bubbly and gossip with your favourite group of girls? This same process also applies to organising your next girls-only-getaway. Whether you plan a one-to-one with your bestie or a crazy weekend with your squad, first decide who your travel companions will be.

What do you want from this trip?

Step two involves figuring out everybody’s different interests, personalities and tastes and finding the right cake that will please everybody’s palate. Cheesecake? Carrot cake? Chocolate brownie? The options are endless; and so are the types of holidays to choose from. Do you want to go on a hiking adventure or relax with a beach escape? Are you a shopaholic at day and a party-animal at night or would you prefer learning about the local life and food scene of a specific destination? Think of the interests that connect you and your girls and how to best combine them into one exciting vacation.

As one of the safest places to travel, Asia is a great destination to mix and match different interests. The plethora of options – from wellness and adventure, to culture and shopping – makes it easy to combine various preferences and make the group happy. Thinking of relaxing on Bali’s beaches? Why not dive into local delicacies on a street eats tour? Always wanted to explore the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong? How about combining it with an indulgent morning of beauty, culture and wellness? Asia’s options are abundant and it’s easy to customise a trip that’s perfect for your eclectic group of women travelling together.

Women travelling together in Asia's tropical islands

Decide on a budget

Before buying the ingredients, make sure to agree on a budget that suits everybody’s taste. This is where Asia hits the spot. Unlike Europe or North America, the numerous destinations in Asia offer a wide range of both budget and luxury options – whether it’s accommodation, transport, food, shopping or wellness. You can stay at a rickety bungalow on the beach or live the life at a five-star resort. Enjoy street food and beer on a shoestring or raise your glass at a swanky rooftop bar. There’s a choice for every budget and finding the right balance ensures that all women travelling together can afford a slice of the cake.

The planning process

After agreeing on the specifics, it’s time to put on the apron and start mixing, sieving and kneading. From picking a destination and booking accommodation, to organising transport and planning activities, whipping up a creamy batter that will turn into a stunning cake not only takes skill, but also care, time management and patience. One little mistake and you’ll be left with lumpy batter, stale pastry or, God forbid, a soggy bottom. If this sounds a little daunting, Buffalo Tours can help plan your tailor-made trip that will cater to the wishes of all women travelling together.

women travelling together and exploring the local food scene in Asia

The icing of the trip

Finally, the timer rings. You take the cake out of the oven and leave it to set on the counter. Slowly, the sweet smell fills the kitchen, making your mouth water. You can’t wait to take a bite. But wait, something is missing. To make it truly remarkable, it needs a little artistic flair. Top off your girl’s trip with a memorable and unique experience. The icing of your trip so to speak! Why not try your hand at a Chinese-inspired jewellery workshop in Xi’an and take home a piece of your own workmanship? Or how about spending a morning with local women and learning about basket weaving in the Cambodian countryside? If fashion is more your thing, visit Bali's Museum of Vintage Bags and take part in an upcycle workshop, turning plastic products into beautiful handicrafts. All of these activities are run by local women. And, what better way to connect with women around the globe, than supporting them on your girls-only trip.

Women travelling together and hiking mountains in Yangshuo, China

We all know how difficult baking can be and how easily you can burn your fingers. However, if you follow the above tips, you’ll see that it is possible to have your cake and eat it too. And, if you need any assistance, Buffalo Tours’ travel experts will be right by your side to help organise the perfect tailor-made trip for you and your girls.

Ready to go? Let’s get baking, ah, packing!


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